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The Online Writing Centre enables you to upload your work from past or current assignments and get personalised feedback from one of our expert writing tutors, so you can improve your academic writing skills over the course of your programme.

How do I use it?

Sometimes, as a student, you may not feel 100% confident in your academic writing abilities, especially if you have been away from studying for a while. That’s why we developed the Online Writing Centre.

Available online, it provides free 24/7 access to personalised guidance and advice to help you strengthen your academic writing and improve your ability to write and argue fluently. Simply schedule a “paper review” with one of our expert writing tutors.

How can it help me?

Getting feedback from one of our writing tutors through the Online Writing Centre can help you learn to:

  • Confidently express your ideas on paper
  • Improve the quality of your assignments
  • Refine your time-management skills
  • Develop better research skills

Where can I access it?

The Online Writing Centre is totally free for enrolled Roehampton Online students. Accessible online 24/7, it’s available whenever and wherever you need it.

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