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We know that for a lot of our students, studying online will be a new experience. That’s why we offer the opportunity to study extracurricular courses called skill units.

What are skill units?

Our skill units focus on several core competencies you’ll need to succeed as a masters-level student. What’s more, skill units are totally free and available 24/7 through the Centre for Student Success.

Benefits of skill units

  • Applicable learning – Skill units focus on areas such as time management and academic writing, so everything you’ll learn is geared towards helping you succeed as a student
  • Personal feedback – Some skill units include one or two assignments that you can receive feedback on by reserving time to review them with one of our tutors via the Online Writing Centre
  • On Demand – Skill units are available through the Centre for Student Success
  • Short and self-paced – You’ll use reading materials, videos and quizzes (as well as short assignments) to explore each subject. You can study whenever suits you and it should not take more than four hours to complete each skill unit

What skill units are available?

  • Academic Argument
  • Academic Integrity
  • Critical Thinking
  • How to Read an Academic Paper
  • Improving Discussions and Essays
  • Library Skills for Research
  • Maths and Statistics for Research
  • Time Management
  • Understanding the UK Academic Model
  • Using Questionnaires and Interviews
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Quality and standards

All Roehampton degrees are recognised by the UK government, and the University complies with the academic standards monitored by the government’s Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

These standards are the same for all programmes – undergraduate, postgraduate and research-based – whether delivered online or on campus. This means you’ll receive the same standard of education as Roehampton students studying on campus and have the opportunity to graduate in London.

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