Are you interested in online study, but unsure whether you’ve got the right technical skills and equipment to enrol for an online masters degree programme?

Studying online is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Undoubtedly, online study does require certain technology, not least access to a computer and the internet, but the technology needed is becoming ever-more accessible. And as online education has evolved, universities have also made their online study portals simpler and more user-friendly.

Before you enrol on an online degree programme, there are four key things you need:

  1. Desktop or laptop computer
    Any relatively new computer (less than five years old) that runs Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X is likely to be sufficient for most online education. The University of Roehampton, London Online recommends that its students need access to a computer with at least an Intel 1Ghz processor, 512Mb RAM and a 5Gb hard drive.
  2. Software
    As a minimum, most universities insist that online students have software that enables them to read and save Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Microsoft Office documents.

    You will also need a suitable web browser installed on your computer. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are three widely-recommended options.

    Bear in mind that if the software on your computer needs updating, or if you need to install new software to complete your studies, you will need permission (‘Admin Access’) to install and update software on your computer.
  3. Reliable internet connection
    Having a reliable, fast internet connection at home means you won’t have to rely on internet access at work or in internet cafes. Your internet should be fast enough to allow you watch webinars and, later, to upload and submit your work successfully.
  4. Personal email address
    It’s advisable not to rely on your work email address, in case you can’t access it when you are outside the office. Instead, use a webmail service like Gmail or Yahoo to set up a personal email address. Most universities simply use your personal email address as an emergency contact method in case you do not respond to your student email address (which the university creates for you when you enrol).

I’ve got the right technical skills and equipment, so what are the benefits of studying online?

One of the major benefits of online study is the flexibility it offers. Studying online for a masters allows you to fit your studies around your work, home and family life, studying at times that suit you without the need to travel to campus for set lecture times.

Take a look at this video for an insight into what it’s like to study online with Roehampton Online:

Students who study for a masters degree online enjoy many benefits that can boost their future aspirations. For example, if you sign up for an online programme with the University of Roehampton - London’s top-ranked modern university*, you can take advantage of these seven benefits:

  1. Manageable module and unit structure
    Roehampton Online students work through seven modules and a research project. Each module is 10 weeks long and contains five two-week learning units, while the research project is usually 10,000 to 12,000 words long. This modular approach helps to ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed by your studies.
  2. Experienced faculty
    Faculty members at Roehampton Online have an average of 14 years’ industry-relevant experience**. Its global approach is reflected in the fact that its faculty members live in 22 different countries, giving students the chance to experience a broader perspective during their studies.
  3. Global network
    As well as learning with Roehampton Online’s global faculty, you also study alongside like-minded professionals from around the world, enabling you to build a global network of connections as you share knowledge and ideas during group study tasks. It’s a great way to build relationships that often last far longer than the masters programme itself.
  4. Online library
    Having access to an online library of study materials is enormously convenient. It removes the need to visit physical libraries, as well as eliminating the need to carry and store heavy textbooks. And unlike a traditional library, an online library is open 24/7 – so you can access the knowledge you need at a time to suit you.
  5. The Success Lab
    An online resource to help students understand and enhance their knowledge of online programmes, The Success Lab offers advice on a range of topics – including how to succeed at work and as a student.
  6. Career services
    Roehampton Online Business and Management School students, qualify for a three-year Associate-grade membership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). With this, you will gain access to career services, professional development tools and mentoring resources.
  7. Writing advice
    Roehampton Online’s Online Writing Centre provides personalised feedback from an expert writing tutor, helping students improve their academic writing skills over the course of their programme.

Students who enrol with Roehampton Online also benefit by earning a degree that is assured by the UK government’s Quality Assurance Agency. Although you study online, your degree has the same validity and credibility as the equivalent degree awarded to a graduate who studies on campus in London. You can also graduate in London too.

Discover the benefits and impact online learning can make to your career. View a list of online masters degree programmes available at Roehampton Online and take the first steps towards a brighter future.

* The University of Roehampton is a modern university – one of the higher education institutions in the UK that was awarded university status after the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 was passed. The University of Roehampton has the highest ranking of all post-1992 universities based in London, according to the independent UK university guide, the Complete University Guide 2017.

** Results calculated by the University of Roehampton, London Online based on the responses of 77 faculty members who responded to a survey in November 2015.

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