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University of Roehampton Online Launches MSc in Psychology

New online programme backed by the expertise of one the UK’s largest psychological training departments

London - 8 October 2014 - As globalisation intensifies the need for individuals to adapt to a rapidly evolving international climate, demand is increasing for professionals with competencies in psychology to assist and motivate others, including those with rising levels of work-related stress and subsequent mental health issues. The University of Roehampton’s new fully online MSc in Psychology degree programme was developed to increase access to this important discipline and enhance students’ personal and professional capacities to help prepare them to become psychologically literate citizens who are able to critically evaluate and understand people around the world.

“A fundamental understanding of psychology is important for a variety of career paths in this interconnected world, such as educators, healthcare providers, businesspeople and public service workers, which is why it’s important to be able to provide cross-cultural perspectives and prepare professionals for a real-world application,” said Dr Diane Bray, head of the University of Roehampton Department of Psychology. “Through problem-based and experiential learning, our online psychology students will be able to build a practitioner toolbox of skills based on their applied psychology research expertise and improve their insight into human behaviour to enhance their current skill set and knowledge.”

Roehampton’s unique online approach, backed by the expertise of one the UK’s largest psychological training departments, allows students to cover all the core psychology subject areas, including the historical and ethical context as well as social, cognitive, developmental and biological theories and approaches. Students explore these subjects through modules that put these areas in context, such as self, identity and culture, understanding relationships and psychology in the workplace. Roehampton’s distinct structure provides an opportunity for students to gain practical skills they can apply in their everyday lives.

The MSc in Psychology programme joins a growing portfolio of online masters degrees at Roehampton in areas of study including business and management, education, public administration and public health.

Roehampton Online also recognises relevant professional work experience in place of a higher degree, such as a bachelors degree, as an alternative route to admission. Graduates who enter the psychology programme with no bachelors degree or with less than a UK-equivalent 2nd class honours bachelors degree will be awarded an MSc in General Psychology.

Through these programmes, adult learners around the world can gain the critical thinking skills and practical knowledge they need to expand their expertise and advance their careers. In a collaborative online environment that fosters learning, students engage with a diverse global community through blogs, message boards and chat groups.

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